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The State of Queensland is situated in the Northeast of Australia, ranging 2,100 kilometers from north to south and 1,450 kilometers from east to west (including neighboring islands) and totaling a coastline of 7,400 kilometers.

Area and Population

With an area of 1.7 million square kilometers (the largest state in Australia), it has 3.7 million inhabitants, accounting for 18.8% of the Australian total,


The northern part of Queensland lies in the tropical and subtropical climate zone while its south belongs to temperate zone.


The state of Queensland is one of the eight component states/regions for the federation of Australia.


State capital is Brisbane with 1.6 million population.


There are 14 trading harbors and 5 non-trading harbors in Queensland. The length of railway totals 10,000 kilometers including 1,712 kilometers electrified railway. The highway mileage in Queensland totals 176,635 kilometers. There are 3 international airports located in Brisbane, Townsville and Keynes respectively

Economy and Industry

Queensland is rapidly developed economically. In the fiscal year of 2002-03, with the per capita GDP standing at US$24,000, the GDP in Queensland has reached US$89 billion, a year-on-year rise of 4.7% accounting for 16.8% of national total. The export of Queensland takes up 18% of Australia¡¯s total, including coal, sugar, cereal, meat, wool and non-ferrous metal. The export of high value-added products and professional service industry has been increasing constantly. The main export markets for Queensland are Japan, European Union, Korea, United States of America, Taiwan and India, in which 2/3 export revenue derive from Asian countries.
With the output of mineral products accounting for 17% of the national total, Queensland is rich in mineral resources. In the fiscal year of 2002-2003, export of coal and aluminum ingot has reached US$4.46 billion and US$710 million respectively. Queensland is also well-developed in agriculture and stock raising, accounting for 25% of national total. The beef output in Queensland totals national half and the milk cow raising technology is highly advanced.

The science and technology in Queensland is developed. Sectors such as seawater desalination, environmental protection, and life sciences take leading position in Australia. Medicals in Queensland have conducted SARS virus isolation at an early stage and is developing and researching the anti-SARS vaccine. The State government has established the strategy of ¡°State of Intelligence¡±, expecting the technological industry will turn into the main support for economic growth in future.

Additionally, with the world-famous tourist attraction such as the Golden Coast, the tropical forests, the Great Barrier Reef in Keynes, Queensland is highly developed in tourism.

Establishment of Sister Province/State Relationship

On 20, July, 2004, the memorandum to promote the friendly exchanges and cooperation between Guangdong and Queensland was signed.


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