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Tokushima Prefecture, Japan (1996)
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Prefecture Symbol

Yamamomo Tree

Sudachi Flower

White Heron


Tokushima Prefecture is located in the Southwest Japan, the Eastern part of Shikoku. The Northern coast faces the Inland Sea, and the coast from East to South faces the Kii Channel and the Pacific Ocean.


Tokushima City


Mr. Oda Masashi

Landspace and Population

The area of the prefecture is 4,145 square kilometers, which is equivalent to about 1.1% of the whole of Japan. The population of Tokushima Prefecture is 824,108 (as of October 1st, 2001).

Naruto Whirlpools    Kazurabashi Vine Bridge    Oboke/Iya Valley

History and Culture

Tokushima's history dates back to old stone age. In 646 A.D., the imperial court at Yamato created"Awa no Kuni"(the Country of Awa) in what is now Tokushima Prefecture. The region was known as Awa up until the late nineteenth century. In the Hansei period, known as"Awa-han", indigo plants were planted and Tokushima dominated the nation's market in indigo dye. With the development of People's livelihood, the arts and culture flourished, for example, the local folk dance"Awa Odori". The Awa Odori dance festival is Tokushima's main attraction. Every August 100,000 dancers join in the four-day festival, performing the colourful dance in front of 1.3 million spectators who come from home and aboad to watch. At the"Awa Odori Kaikan"in Tokushima city, visitors can experience the real Awa Odori throughout the year.

Otsuka International Museum                  The local folk dance Awa Odori

Asutamu Land Tokushima

Economy and Industry

During the financial year of 2000, the total GDP of Tokushima Prefecture was US$ 21.9 billion(US$ 26,500 per capita), of which 3.1% came from primary industry, 33.2% from secondary industry, and 70.1% from tertiary industry. The nominal rate of economic growth was negative 0.6%. Major sectors in the secondary industy, such as Chemical and paper making accouts for 50% of the market share, followed by foodstuff, beverage, furniture, electrical products and machinery. Intensive agriculture is predominant the first industry, which mainly produces high-quality vegetables. Besides, sea-fishing and aquaculture are also well developed. In 2000, total export was US$ 551.7 million and total import was US$ 400 million. In order from most exported item, the main exports of Tokushima Prefecture at this time were: machinery, electrical goods, products from the chemical industry, pulp, and used paper. The main destinations for Tokushima's exports were Asia, North America, and Europe. The main imports are timber and wood products. The main areas from which products are imported are Asia, North America and Africa.

Establishment of Sister Province/State Relationship

The Friendly Cooperative Relationship was established through signing of an Agreement on Oct. 28th, 1996 in Guangzhou.

Friendly Exchanges

Since the establiment of Friendly Cooperative Relationship in 1996, GD and Tokushima have had substaintial exchanges in personnel training, culture, youth visits and port affairs. Some of the main projects are as follow. In terms of personnel training, GD had sent 6 International Liason Officers, 5 Assitant Liason Officers and 6 Senior Technical Professionals to Tokushima Prefecture. These are ongoing programs at present. In terms of culture, GD took part in the 1998 World Dance Festival and 2000 National Festival for the Celebration of Regional Cuisine held in Tokushima. More over, Tokushima will host the All Japan High School Cultural Festival in 2004 and All Japan Cultural Festival in 2007. GD delegation will be attending these festivals. GD Museum of Art has built up good exchange relations with the Modern Art Museum of Tokushima Prefecture. The Aratano High School of Tokushima Prefecture established Sister School Relationship with Huizhou Agriculture School of GD. In terms of port affairs, the Komatsushima Port of Tokushima proposed to start a cargo sea route with a GD's port. The two Ports have had some preliminary contacts so far.

Students'visit to Tokushima

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