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Moscow Region, Russia (2002)
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Map of Russia

European Russia


Moscow Region lies in the centre of what is known as European Russia. It is located in drainage-basins of Volga, Oka, Klyazma and Moscow rivers. The capital of Russia - Moscow is stand on this Region.




Gromov Boris Vsevolodovich

Landspace and Population

The territory of the Moscow Region is 47,000 square kionmeters, there are 74 towns on the territory of the Region. About 7 million inhabitants living in the Region, that is 4.4% of all the population of Russia.

History and Culture

The city of Moscow has a history of over 800 year. Many world-known architectures and monuments such as Kremlin, Red Square and the Moscow State University were well preserved in the city. Moscow not only serves as the economic, political and cultural center in Russia, but also has the leading position in aerospace, technology and education. 26% of all scientific researches in Russia are carried out in the Moscow Region scientific research and development centers. Moscow has a rich culture background, which is a combination of both East and West and bears its own national characters. Moscow's music, painting, architecture, circus, ballet and handicraft are known to the world.

Economy and Industry

Foreign trade turnover of the Moscow Region in 2000 is about $3.77 billion, including export $1.85 billion and import $1.92 billion. More than 700 joint ventures are registered, by 2001 foreign partners have already invested to the Moscow Region economics more than $3 billion. Leading branches of the industry are: mechanical engineering and metal working, chemical and wood industry, food processing industry, textile and light industry. Moreover Moscow Region has scientifically capacitive specialized radio and electronic, aviation and space engineering enterprises.

Establishment of Sister Province/State Relationship

On June 25th, 2002, Mr. TANG Bingquan, Vice-Governor of GD Province and Mr. Golubev Vasily Yurievich, First Deputy Head of Moscow Region Government signed the MOU in Moscow to further strengthen the bilateral cooperative relationship.

Friendly Exchanges

The friendly exchanges started in Aug.1998, when Mr. LU Ruihua, Governor of GD and Kazhirov, Governor of Moscow Region signed the Principle Agreement on Economic and Trade Cooperation between Guangdong Provincial Government and Moscow Region Government during Governor LU's visit to Russia.

In September, 1999, Guangdong Delegation of Higher Education sponsored by Guangdong Education Department visited Russia, which is greatly conducive to the bilateral university cooperation with Moscow Sate University, Pushkin Russian Language Institute and Moscow State Industrial University.

In Sep.2001, the Deputy Director General of GD Technological Department, Mr. LI Zhongduo and Sokolov, Head of Minister of Foreign economic relations of Moscow Region Government signed the MOU on Technological Cooperation.

In June 25th - 28 th, 2002, GD held a large-scale "GD Trade & Technology Meeting, Moscow, 2002". Later in July, a delegation led by the Vice Chairman of Guangdong People's Congress visited Moscow Region. In October, Mr. Li Hongzhong, Standing Member of Guangdong Party Committee, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province led a technology and education delegation for a study trip to Moscow Region. And in November, Moscow Parliament delegation returned the visit.

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