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Valparaiso Region, Chile (2004)
2006-08-02 09:27:03 GDFAO

The Valparaiso Region (the Fifth Region) is situated in the middle of Chile. It is mainly featured by mountains, connecting coastal highland and river-sediment plain with the Andes Mountains. Being Mediterranean climate, it is very rainy in Valparaiso in winter time and cold in mountainous area.

The principal economy and industry in Valparaiso include minerals products metallurgy, harbor transportation, tobacco, canned food processing, electric products, cement manufacturing and fruit planting. Tourism in Valparaiso is highly developed with tourist attractions such the Easter Island and Vi?a del Mar. The city of Valparaiso has been awarded as World Human Heritage and is also where the Chilean parliament is situated. 120-kilometer away from Santiago, Capital of Chile, the city of Valparaiso is also regarded as the "Gateway of Chile", accounting for one-fourth of national total of port handling capacity.

The memorandum of developing friendly exchanges and cooperation between Guangdong Province and Valparaiso Region was signed on 5, November, 2004.


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