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Luo Jun meets delegation of US congressional assistants
2011-09-09 16:04:55

GDFAO Deputy Director General Luo Jun met with and hosted a banquet for the delegation of US congressional assistants headed by Paul C. Bergson in Guangzhou on August 19, 2011.

Luo Jun welcomed the visiting guests on behalf of GDFAO, and said Guangdong is the largest provincial economy in China with a GDP accounts for 1/9 of the Chinese Mainland. While maintaining rapid economic growth, Guangdong pays close attentions to people's livelihood and coordinated development of regions. Guangdong is now in the critical period of "speeding up transformation and upgrading towards a happiness Guangdong", and has more potentials for cooperation with United States in many fields, he added.

Bergson thanked Lun Jun for GDFAO¡¯s warm reception, and spoke highly of Guangdong¡¯s social and economic achievements, adding the meeting with the competent departments of Guangdong on Sino-US relations during his Guangdong trip is fruitful.

The delegation members, most of them, US congressmen¡¯s senior legislative assistants, visited Huang Hua Gang Park, Dr. Sun Yat-sen¡¯s Memorial Hall and the Site of the Huangpu Military Academy.   


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