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Hu Wei Pays a Visit to Several Embassies in China
2011-06-24 08:52:04
Hu Wei, Inspector of Guangdong FAO and relevant officials of the Division of International Exchanges visited the Hungarian Minister Gyula Fazekas and Serbian Ambassador Miomir Udovicki respectively on the morning of May 31, 2011. The visit aims to intensify exchanges and cooperation between Guangdong and Hungary and Serbia. In the meetings, Hu put forward proposals for further cooperation, which has received positive response from the two embassies.

During the meeting at the embassy of the Republic of Hungary, Minister Fazekas reviewed his long-term engagement in Hungary-China exchanges. He applauded the proposal for cooperation between Guangdong and Hungary and expressed his own willingness to submit the proposals to the Hungarian government and contribute his part to the seamless cooperation of Hungarian Embassy and Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office so as to materialize the proposals.

During the discussion with Serbian Embassy, Ambassador Miomir Udovicki showed great interest in Guangdong¡¯s proposal for deeper cooperation with Serbia. Miomir Udovicki agreed with Hu¡¯s belief in the time-honored friendship between China and Serbia by saying that both countries share deep political mutual trust, which he believes, paves the way for cooperation across a wide range of areas. He said, Guangdong serves as China¡¯s economic and technological center and the Serbian Embassy in China has been paying high attention to major projects in Guangdong and the economic integration of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. He said, the investment environment of Serbia is among the best in Europe. He welcomed enterprises from Guangdong to invest in infrastructural facilities, such as railway and expressway and green technology.    

In a positive response, both embassies expressed willingness to identify a region in their own countries complementary to Guangdong so as to strike up sisterhood. Miomir Udovicki said, despite the deep feeling of the Chinese people towards the Former Yugoslavia, they have inadequate knowledge about Serbia after the country won independence. Therefore, Guangdong¡¯s proposal to develop sister relations will open a new chapter in mutual exchanges, and more importantly, deepen friendship and mutual understanding of the two peoples. He noted that the embassy will work all-out to facilitate the process.  

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Hu Wei Pays a Visit to Several Embassies in China
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