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Zhang Limin attends reception celebrating the 62 Anniversary of China-Viet Nam diplomatic relations 2012-01-20
Luo Jun meets delegation of US congressional assistants 2011-09-09
Liu Xiaojie attends India¡¯s Independence Day reception 2011-09-09
Li Jian attends outgoing Philippine Consul General Farewell Reception 2011-09-09
Hu Wei Pays a Visit to Several Embassies in China 2011-06-24
Wang Yang Meets Consular Corps in Guangzhou 2011-06-10
Liu Xiaojie Attends Ethiopian National Day Reception 2011-06-10
Fu Lang Holds a Banquet for outgoing Italian Consul General Miraglia 2011-06-07
Li Jian Attends the Inter-Ministerial Meeting on Safety Protection of Chinese Citizens and Institutions Abroad 2011-06-07
Song Hai Meets NYSE Euronext CEO 2011-06-07
Zhao Yufang Meets Australian Foreign Affairs Minister 2011-06-07
Zhao Yufang Meets Newly-appointed Malaysian, Australian and Brazilian Consuls General 2011-05-25
Fu Lang hosts banquet in honor of the Vice-President of American RAND Corporation 2011-05-20
Tong Xing meets with Thai guests 2011-05-20
Liu Xiaojie Attends Poland¡¯s National Day Reception 2011-05-17
Lin Ying Attends Holland¡¯s National Day Reception 2011-05-12
Lei Yulan Meets Thailand Princess Chulaborn 2011-04-29
Zhang Feng Banquets West Australia Vice Governor Kim Hames 2011-05-13
Deng Weilong Meets with Bolivian guests 2011-05-09
Zhao Yufang meets IMC Chairman Chavalit Frederick Tsao 2011-05-06
Zhao Yufang Meets Russian President¡¯s Adie Oleg Markov 2011-05-06
Song Hai meets the CEO of AIA 2011-04-27
Macau Consular Corps Visits Yangjiang and Kaiping 2011-05-11
Yang Tong Meets Ghana National Democratic Congress Carder Delegations 2011-05-11
Zhao Yufang attends the Reception of the Wedding Party of Prince William and the National Day of the United Kingdom 2011-05-11
Su Caifang meets the delegation of Egyptian diplomats 2011-05-11
Zhao Yufang Meets Malaysian Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin 2011-05-11
Su Caifang Meets Deputy Ambassador and Minister-Counselor of Embassy of Sweden Jakob Kiefer 2011-05-10
Hu Wei Meets Costa Rican Guests 2011-04-26
Wang Yang meets Jon Huntsman , the U.S. ambassador to China 2011-04-20
Wang Yang meets Xu Guanlin, President of Nanyang Technological University 2011-04-20
Lijian attends the cultural performance of Thai Consulate 2011-03-30
Zhao Yufang mourns the victims of Japan 311 Earthquake 2011-03-30
Fu Lang mourns the victims of Japan 311 Earthquake at the Japanese Consulate in Guangzhou 2011-03-22
Xiao Zhiheng Meets the delegation of European Green Party 2011-03-13
Fu Lang Meets with Cadres of Political Parties from South Asia 2011-03-25
Liu Xiaojie attends Japanese Limin Projects Signing Ceremony 2011-03-28
Hu Wei Meets MSI Guangdong Branch President 2011-03-25
Briefing on Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade hosted in Guangzhou 2011-03-23
¡°While the early spring in misty drizzles was hazy, riverside kapok tinged her dimples rosy.¡±
A sidelight on GDFAO organizing a cultural trip to mark the International Women¡¯s Day
Fu Lang Dines new Argentinean Consul General 2011-03-13
Li Jian Attends 2011 Spring Reception hosted by Guangdong Foreign Trade Department 2011-03-04
Chinese Passport¨CCheck Training Course kicks off 2011-02-24
Ou Shaowu Attends ¡°Handshaking with China¡±Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony 2011-03-14
Chen Yong Zhi meets with Maldivian guests 2011-01-29
Liu Kun met with guests from Carnegie Mellon University 2011-01-27
Zhang Limin hosted a banquet for Italian Consulate 2011-01-07
Wang Yang Meets Thailand Foreign Minister 2011-01-27
Wang Yang Meets POSCO Chairman 2010-12-26
Ou Guangyuan Meets Vice-chairperson of the Congress of Laos 2010-12-24
Huang Huahua Meets PACA President Michel Vauzelle 2010-10-25
Create better conditions for knowledge-based economic cooperation
Consulate Corps visited Guangzhou Development Zone
Liu Xiaojie meets US Former MBDA National Director 2010-09-20
Liu Kun meets Mauritian President 2010-09-17
Zhu Xiaodan meets Thai Industry Minister 2010-09-17
Zhu Xiaodan meets World Bank¡¯s Deputy Country Director for China and Mongolia 2010-09-01