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Wen Jiabao Meets with Russian Prime Minister Putin
2011-11-10 10:04:27

On November 7, 2011, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Constantine Palace, St. Petersburg. Both sides held talks in a sincere and friendly atmosphere on bilateral relations, the current international political and economic situation, as well as major issues of common concern and reached broad consensus.

Wen said the two countries in recent years have witnessed frequent high-level exchanges, growing political trust, fruitful economic and trade cooperation, and close coordination in international affairs, which fully shows the high level of bilateral ties. China has steadfast determination to develop relations with Russia and firmly believes that China-Russia relations will achieve long-term, stable and sustainable development.

In face of complicated international political and economic situations, China and Russia, as neighbors and influential powers, should further strengthen their strategic coordination and consolidate friendship, Wen said. Sound China-Russia relations are not only in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples, but also of realistic and strategic significance to global peace and development, he added. Both China and Russia are in favor of diversity of the world and against dominance of world affairs by any power or group of powers, Wen said. China hopes that the two countries could support each other, help each other and join hands to meet challenges, said the Chinese premier. The two countries should work together to push for the democratization of international politics and for a new fair and just international political and economic order, he said.

The Chinese premier noted that both economies are in good shape and have respective advantages. Russia owns advanced technology and rich natural resources while China enjoys a good momentum of development brought about by reform and opening up and serves as a huge market. The two countries could make use of each other's advantages and carry out long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, said Wen. The two countries should seize the opportunity and strengthen planning and coordination to further promote cooperation in trade, investment, finance, science and technology, he said. Cooperation in these fields would bring tangible benefits to the two peoples, boost the countries' competitiveness and international influence and help with world economic recovery and growth, Wen said.

Putin highly valued relations between Russia and China, saying frequent exchanges between the two countries' leaders have fostered a high level of political mutual trust and facilitated the development of bilateral ties. Cooperation between the two countries in politics, economy, culture and international affairs has reached an unprecedented level, he added. The two countries have broad common interests and face the same challenges, said Putin. Therefore, the advancement of their comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation is of strategic importance both to the two countries and to the whole world, Putin said. Russia is willing to work with China to implement consensus reached by the two countries' leaders, continuously strive for new progress in bilateral ties and contribute to world peace and development, he said.


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