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Brief Introduction of GDFAO
2006-08-31 15:16:56 GDFAO

Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial People's Government (GDFAO) is a government organ in charge of foreign affairs of Guangdong, operating under the direction of Guangdong Provincial People's Government.


Principal Functions of GDFAO:

1) Implements and carries out the nation's policies, laws and regulations concerning foreign affairs, and researches, drafts and executes local regulations, maps out and implements development scheme for the undertaking of foreign affairs and its annual plan.

2) Researches into issues of vital importance in the undertaking of foreign affairs, apprehends the developments concerning the undertaking of foreign affairs (including Guangdong's friendly relationships with the foreign sister cities, provinces, states and counties), international, Hong Kong and Macau affairs as well as the developments regarding foreign consulates general, other official and semi-official agencies in Guangdong.


3) Arranges for the reception of the visiting foreign heads of state, government, heads of parties, parliaments and other VIPs and foreign diplomatic personnel and journalists who are stationed in Guangdong or on business travels. Administrates the foreign institutions to Guangzhou such as consulates general and other official , semi-official organizations and foreign press. Responsible for the arrangement and related issues regarding the provincial leaders' foreign affairs activities.

4) Administrates Guangdong's temporary official business travels abroad and is responsible for the exam and approve of delegation (group) on business travels abroad, to Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions (SARs) and foreign residents' visit to Guangdong on invitation  within the jurisdiction authorized by the central government. Responsible for the authorization application to the central government regarding provincial leaders' overseas visits, the administration of the issuance of passport (travel pass) and visa (visa notice) to personnel on business travels abroad, to Hong Kong and Macau SARs.

5) Administrates and guides the work of Guangdong People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and other social groups.

6) Administrates, guides and coordinates the Guangdong-Hong Kong, Macau boarder affairs and official\semi-official, significant social exchanges among the three sides.

7) Coordinates and guides the work of important foreign affairs activities of cities and departments directly under the provincial government. Guides the work of foreign affairs operations, administrates and implements the disciplines concerning foreign affairs.

8) Responsible for the tasks or other matters assigned by the provincial government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other departments or ministries of the central government.


GDFAO consists of eight divisions (offices), including Secretary Division, Protocol Affairs Division, Consulate Division, Overseas Visits Administration Division, Visa and Passport Division, International Relations Division, Personnel Division and Supervision Division ( joint office including the Discipline Inspection Group and Department's Party Committee), apart from which it also includes four subordinates i.e. the People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries of Guangdong Province, Overseas Visits Administration Service Center, Service Office for Foreign Establishments, Office Service Center for GDFAO.


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