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Consular Premises
2006-09-15 16:24:58 GDFAO

1. Purchasing / Leasing Consular Premises and Residence

(1) The consular post and its members may either look for appropriate property in the urban area on their own or ask the local Service Office for Foreign Establishments to do so on their behalf.

(2) Once a suitable property is decided, the consular post should present, with no delay, a note to the Foreign Affairs Office to apply for purchasing or leasing. The name and position of buyer or lessee (or the name of the consular post if the property is to be used as the premises of the post), the usage and detailed address (street, unit or apartment numbers) of the property to be purchased or leased should be included in the application.

(3) The Foreign Affairs Office will reply the consular post, in a note, to approve the application if the competent authorities verify that the property is legally clean and clear, in conformity with the requirements for fire protection and security control, and suitable for accommodation.

(4) With the note of approval from the Foreign Affairs Office, the consular post or its members may enter into contract with the seller or lessor. The consular post or its members may ask the local Service Office for Foreign Establishments to help with the procedures.

2. Building Consular Premises and Residence

If the consular post plans to build its own permanent premises and residence, the application for such building should be made in a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the embassy of the sending state in China. When both sides reach an agreement through equal and friendly consultations, the consular post may start the construction as stipulated in the agreement.

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